I just want to give thanks…

To be loved is one of the greatest gifts that one could ever receive. I just want to say, “Thank you!” for being a friend.

Throughout the years I have connected with a few that I would call friend and I am most gracious for the positive interaction that transpire between us. I like to believe that I have a square and it does not fit in a circle. Meaning, that we are very different and we do not fit with many, so we may be considered a square to others. All the same, I love it. My square friends and I fit together like a “hand and glove.”

I wanted to say, “Thank you,” Before I share some pictures of the material gifts that I have received from some of my friends.

Remember: “It is better to give than to receive.” I hope that you like my gifts as much as I do. Thanks again, friends.


L.J. 10/31/2018

Time Capsule

Have you ever taken the time to really see the people that you interact with on a personal and not so personal level? If you really look closely you may find that some individuals are trapped within a time capsule. They still have the same wayward thinking, style of dress, and their behavior has never reached maturity.  Their age is what betrays them…

Is it fair to say that the “stripes on a tiger never changes?” We are either building each other up or tearing each other down. Are you a builder or are you a demolisher? Some of us like to believe that we are not role models. Whether or not you chose to be a role model; you are being carefully observed.  Tupac said it best, “All EYES On Me.” It does not matter how well or bad we are viewed in the eyes of another; there is someone who wants to be “like Mike.” For many years I have worked with an individual who always frowns. Finally, I mustarded up the courage to ask her, why she frowns so much? Her response, “because my father frowns.”  Flash Warning! This is a full fledge adult woman that has chosen to entrap herself in a time capsule to walk in the generational footsteps of her ‘Father’.

“Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.” We have all been warned at some point throughout our lives to be aware of our associations.  As kids, parents would tell you that they did not want to see to hanging around with certain individuals.  When you look back, hind sight is 20/20. Mother knows best… Parents could see things that we could not understand through the lens of a child but as we mature our view of the world should change. Unfortunately, this does not always hold true; think about the workplace where such childish actions and behaviors are displayed. You and I both know that if it was not due to the nature of business we would not have any personal dealings with most of the people that we work with.

Many companies are becoming very lacks in their workplace environments. Could this be due to the personnel’s that are hiring and promoting within the company, changing the environment from professionalism to a playground environment?   The workplace is starting to resemble the school playground…it is time for recess…let the games begin. You know how a child is playing on one of those equipments on the playground and another child or group of children decides they do not want this child to play on this particular equipment. This is how some employees behave at work; they believe that they have the authority to come over and tell you what you should or should not be doing. Who put you in charge of another employee? You are not the Boss!

Maybe, many employee’s are re-living their childhood…They may have been the protégé of bullying, therefore believe that they can continue their time capsule behaviors within the workplace. Whatever it is, they hold the key to unlock the time capsules that they have chosen to hold on to.

As hard as it maybe, we have to look deep within to dig up the content of the time capsules that we chose not to release. We have a choice… either hold on to it…or let go.

Nothing In Life Is Free

I know that the holiday season is quickly approaching, but I would like for us to not wait until that time to give. Let us not wait until that time of the year to show kindness, to give a smile, or to say, what we are most thankful for. We cannot continue to put off today, for tomorrow is not promised.  If we can only learn to be kind and loving to ourselves it would be much easier to be kind and loving to others.  No, everyone is not going to be kind to you because you are kind to them, but remember the quote, “Be kind anyway.” The universe is like a boomerang, it gives us what we give it.  A gift of kindness or any type of gift does not have to have monetary value, but it is those small gentle deeds, that bring about a smile. We are all guilty for not doing more when we have the opportunity to do so, we often time find ourselves saying that we do not have time.  We make time for all the things we deed of importance…

We all can attest to feeling least appreciated by those that we do for without them having to ask. If they do ask, we happily honor their request. When you can feel the underlining pain of being unappreciated then we should consider the feelings of those who put us first. Many of times we are overwhelmed with taking care of those who appreciate us the least that we forget altogether to take care of those who appreciate us the most.  Many times it is ourselves that we forget to take care of.

Take a minute out of this day and quiet yourself…reflect on your life at this present moment who appreciates you but you are not appreciating them. Change is not easy but life is but a mere moment, so while we have this time and opportunity let us share a gift of kindness. Remember that kindness, respect, and love are free… “Nothing in life is free.”  You are absolutely, right. So, expect the same things in life that you give to others. Be Kind!!!

Written by: -L.J. 10/20/2018

Skull Soap Dispenser

No, Halloween is not my favorite time of year but I could not pass up the chance to replicate this piece. I saw a YouTube video last year where this soap dispenser was made and I thought, how cool is that I would like to make this myself.

Sure, enough Dollar Tree had these skull heads and I purchased one and happily went back home to search for the YouTube video so that I could attempt to make it. It turned out perfect with my first attempt. You do not have to be an artist or a craft specialist but with just a little ambition we can do anything that we put our minds to.

Go ahead and mustard up the courage to try your hand at something that you have been contemplating on doing.  Please feel free to share your projects. I would love to see your creative side.

Skull soap dispenser

Written by: -L.J. 10/11/2018


Working in an office setting for many years, I am now realizing that there are a lot of insecure woman in the workforce today. It is quite baffling that I never knew this until now.

Why is it so blatantly visible? Why did I not see this before?

I must admit that it is quite dishearten to see woman behave as if they have never been loved. Myself being a woman, am wondering, what are their personal relationships like?

The only glimpse into these women lives that can be gathered is from what they emit into the work environment.

Take a moment and ask yourself, am I venomous or non-venomous?

The work environment that I work in is full of bitter women. Clearly, this behavior is conveyed into the workplace each time one of them enters and exits for the day. I fell to believe that it is the job itself that causes them to behave so malicious.

I have asked several of these women if she would be willing to work from home if the opportunity arose. As you already know the answer was, “no.”

The women that I work with are here more hours during the week than they are at home with their families. They walk in the door in the morning with indifferent behaviors and attitudes, and I am not opposed to the fact that not everyone is a morning person. It is the mere fact that one would come to work and find any minuet thing to ignite conflict.

For example; they punch in for the day and go to a shared printer and began to examine why no one replenished the paper from the following work day. Then will proceed to come over to my desk to make a big spectacle so that those who she believe to be guilty can hear her rants about how they are using up the paper printing pertinent work materials and not retrieving more paper for the printer area.  We all know that when we work with others it can be somewhat overbearing from time to time, due to different personalities, work ethics, and behaviors.

Imagine this type of behavior on a daily basics and then some. Petty, Petty, Petty.

Some days it goes as far as I am to advance for the work that is assigned to me; you need to have someone else do this work and allow me to do what I have been doing.  It gets better; we go as far as to research what person work an account that we believe to not be worked the way we see fit so we take it upon ourselves to confront the person as if we are the supervisor.

If we do not know who the guilty party is we will then call other co-workers over to see if they recognize the initials of the person who work the account.

“Shall I precede, yes indeed?”  The women that I work with go as far as to come over to speak with you just to see what you are doing on your computer. Oh, and let’s not forget when you are eating something, they feel the need to tell you that they do eat what you eat, and how you should not be eating so much food at a specific time of day. If this is not insanity, what is?

Where are your earrings? You better keep walking because I have loss so much weight…Blah, Blah, Blah! To go out your way for no rhyme or reason to maliciously sabotage someone’s else day, you truly are a venomous person.

Let us examine ourselves to assure accountability for our actions and behaviors. When we purposefully go out of our ways to inflict pain on others we need to self-reflect as to why we are behaving so childishly.

What do you accomplish when you behave in such a derogatory way? Are you trying to alert others that you are hurting? Do you feel a lack of self-love?

If there are things going on with you that is causing you to want to lash out at other, you may want to seek a professional counsel to assist with coping with your real issues.

Most places of employment have an Employment Assistance Program or you can use your insurance to seek counseling outside of the workplace.  Remember that the only way for us to fix our problems is to first admit that we have a problem.

Each and every one of us have things that we struggle with and behaviors and habits that we need to keep in check. Continuous improvement of self is always a great asset. Remember a healthy mind leads to healthy behaviors. Love yourself.


Written by: -L.J. 10/09/2018

You’ve Been Booed Baskets

You_ve Been Booed Basket

The spreading of joy and my gift of giving is one of my most valuable attributes.  I enjoy coming up with ways to make those that I love and care for feel special and appreciated. I often chose not to participate in workplace parties and functions, but there are always those special someone’s that make me feel as equally loved and appreciated.  I don’t know about you, but when others do kind and selfless deeds for me, it makes me want to reciprocate my showering of love even more.

Easter fell on the 1st Sunday of April therefore; I started off by secretly “Egging” several of my co-workers in the month of March so that the fun could extend until Easter.  I thought that it would be a great way to break up the monotony in the work environment as well as an offer up of fun and creativity.  I do not have any photographs of the, “You’ve Been Egged” treats that I passed out during this time but I am going to share with you the “You’ve Been Booed” baskets that I created to extend the fun in the workplace for the month of October.

In case you did not know, “You’ve Been Booed” or “You’ve Been Egged” is a tradition where you secretly leave treats for your neighbors with a sign telling them that they’ve” Been Booed” or “Egged.” You are to include instructions for your neighbor(s) to continue with the fun.  In a few days your neighbors are to secretly “Egg “or” Boo” other neighbors that have not been “Booed” or “Egged.”

Before putting together my “You’ve Been Booed” baskets I thought that it would be a nice gesture to include treat items that would not only be a representation of Halloween but had flair of fall.  I wanted to personalize my baskets like the personalities of my family and co-workers.  I purchased the following treat items to include in my You’ve Been Booed Baskets:

  • Peanut Butter Cups
  • Peanut Butter Kisses
  • Pumpkin Spice Pretzels
  • Autumn Candy Mix
  • Instant Coffee Singles
  • Lemon Ginger Tea
  • Biscotti
  • Nestle Hot Chocolate
  • Miniature Candy Bar Assortment

To add some color and pizzazz I placed some of the treat items into decorative cellophane bags and paper snack bags. I also, placed some of the items inside of coffee mugs and other plastic canisters. I used Halloween garland, small gable boxes, plastic spider rings, selfie props, Halloween printed socks, and small Halloween decorations to complete my baskets.

Remember that creativity goes along way and you do not have to break the bank to give a gift of enlightenment.   Always take time out of your busy schedule to do something for someone else; it is the small things that mean the most.

Written by: -L.J. 10/07/2018