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Nothing In Life Is Free

I know that the holiday season is quickly approaching, but I would like for us to not wait until that time to give. Let us not wait until that time of the year to show kindness, to give a smile, or to say, what we are most thankful for. We cannot continue to put off today, for tomorrow is not promised.  If we can only learn to be kind and loving to ourselves it would be much easier to be kind and loving to others.  No, everyone is not going to be kind to you because you are kind to them, but remember the quote, “Be kind anyway.” The universe is like a boomerang, it gives us what we give it.  A gift of kindness or any type of gift does not have to have monetary value, but it is those small gentle deeds, that bring about a smile. We are all guilty for not doing more when we have the opportunity to do so, we often time find ourselves saying that we do not have time.  We make time for all the things we deed of importance…

We all can attest to feeling least appreciated by those that we do for without them having to ask. If they do ask, we happily honor their request. When you can feel the underlining pain of being unappreciated then we should consider the feelings of those who put us first. Many of times we are overwhelmed with taking care of those who appreciate us the least that we forget altogether to take care of those who appreciate us the most.  Many times it is ourselves that we forget to take care of.

Take a minute out of this day and quiet yourself…reflect on your life at this present moment who appreciates you but you are not appreciating them. Change is not easy but life is but a mere moment, so while we have this time and opportunity let us share a gift of kindness. Remember that kindness, respect, and love are free… “Nothing in life is free.”  You are absolutely, right. So, expect the same things in life that you give to others. Be Kind!!!

Written by: -L.J. 10/20/2018