“Everybody’s got a holiday
Some got Christmas and new years
But every Friday’s mine, I got fifty two a year.” – Z.Z. Hill

As the lyrics of Z.Z. Hill’s Blues song, “Friday Is My Day,” resonate in my ears, a burst of joy over fills my entire being. The thought of returning home and relaxing takes me to eternal bliss . No early rising on Saturday morning. But who wants to think of Saturday when Friday is all I need. After work, Friday evenings belong entirely to me. I get to decide if I want to stay in or if I want to go out. Most of the time, I opt to stay in, getting totally cozy with myself… let’s not forget the threesome I have with my pillows and blankets. It just me and bedroom. 

Working five days a week and attending early morning worship service on Sunday mornings leave me yearning for some me time. It has been a long time coming, but I have learned to take advantage of this time. I have become totally selfish with my time.  In order for me to make this “me time” manageable, preparing multiple meals on Thursday evening allows me to have a day off from cooking. Therefore, everyone can go for themselves. And no, it is not considered left overs; it is not the same meal that we have eaten on yesterday.

A nice warm bath sounds so delightful… with a few squirts of hydrogen peroxide, white distilled vinegar, a handful of pink Himalayan salt, baking soda and hint of Epsom salt. Talking about a bath filled with water that feels ever so pure, your body longing to stay submerged forever.  I don’t want to get out. Psst, I brush, floss, and gargle before taking my bath.

When I get out of the tub, I dry off lightly with my bath towel. Coconut oil, Shea butter, 100% glycerin, or lotion will not be applied to the bare skin of my body. Depending upon my mood I will make that decision before getting dressed in the A.M. Totally nude…Totally natural. Placing my hair bonnet on my head, I then apply witch hazel onto a cotton round and clean my face. Everything else can wait until the morning. Ahem, except my nightie. 

Mr. Bed, Mr. Bed; what time is it? Ready or not here I come…

Scripture reading, Netflix, YouTube Vlogs…you name it. Or I call my daughter on the phone and see if she’s interested in company. If she says yes, then I throw on a Caftan and head to her bedroom across the hall and we watch a movie together. When the movie ends, I head back across the hall into my “Me Time” quarters. It’s just me and my Bedroom. Lights Out!!!

Always find some reprieve for yourself. You are important and your overall well being matters. Allow yourself time away from it all. Life…

Written by: -L.J. 09/07/2018



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