Skull Soap Dispenser

No, Halloween is not my favorite time of year but I could not pass up the chance to replicate this piece. I saw a YouTube video last year where this soap dispenser was made and I thought, how cool is that I would like to make this myself.

Sure, enough Dollar Tree had these skull heads and I purchased one and happily went back home to search for the YouTube video so that I could attempt to make it. It turned out perfect with my first attempt. You do not have to be an artist or a craft specialist but with just a little ambition we can do anything that we put our minds to.

Go ahead and mustard up the courage to try your hand at something that you have been contemplating on doing.  Please feel free to share your projects. I would love to see your creative side.

Skull soap dispenser

Written by: -L.J. 10/11/2018

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