Look Within

Examine your heart for only you know what is in it…we hurt others because we are blinded by the reason as to why we hate, envy, and dislike others. The grass is not always as green as you believe it to be in someone else’s yard. I never long to have what another has, I only want what God has for me. Do you ever consider what others go through to get what they have? Are you willing to make the sacrifices, be it good or  bad to keep up with the Jones’s? One thing for sure, we cannot take anything from this earth with us when we expire.  I believe that one of the most valuable assets that we can possess is to love. Love yourself! Dream of the things that will bring you happiness and will keep you humbled. This means to look within and stop looking out into the world and comparing yourself to everyone else in the world. What do you really truly want out of life? How do you obtain it?

Set goals for yourself…short term…long term goals that are obtainable for you to reach. Do not take someone else’s dream and try to make it your own. We can have similar goals in life but there will be something about our goals that will be unique that no one else can duplicate. For example; when you go shopping, you do not shop at the same store.  Why is that? Each store may carry similar items but the prices may vary on some of the items that they carry which may be a variable as to why you shop at different stores.  Therefore, we can have similar talents but there is going to be a slight variable that makes our craft stand out from the crowd.  We are all unique in design; examine yourself and fine the value within your uniqueness. It is there; look within and bring it to fruition.

When my son was little he was always adventurous and finding things, I used to tell him that he could not find anything at someone else house…we cannot find ourselves looking out into the world. We are equipped with everything that we need to live but only when we seek within ourselves will  we be able to open up the door to our lives. It is time to reach way down deep into the heart that holds your buried treasures and pull out the blockages that are keeping you from seeing your potential, self-worth, and your talents. Believe me, they are there.

Love yourself and know that you are unique for a reason and that reason is that you have a purpose in this life. No one can fulfill your purpose that is why no two people were created exactly alike.

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