Annual Holiday Dinner Gift Exchange!

Don’t quote me. I am not sure as to the number of years that me and several of my friends had decided to get together to celebrate each others ‘Born Day’ and to exchange gifts at the end of the year.

We have since stopped the Born Day celebration but have vowed to come together before the New Year. My daughter has been Grandfathered in and therefore, is responsible for the pulling of names for our Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

Each person text her their gift list and she then pull names and send everyone the names of the person that they are to provide with a gift. Although, I have just one person to provide a gift for I always provide each of the ladies with a ‘DIY’ gift. It is of great enjoyment to be able to do so. The gift is… A snow globe mason jar with candies.

L.J. 12/02/2018


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