December 25th

December 25th
December 25th is exactly one week until the New Year. This day is like every day that we wake up. We have another day to grow, expand, and be renewed.
Today is a day that many people do not enjoy because of the many things associated with this day. Many people are overwhelmed and increasing their outstanding debts to purchase gifts that is supposed to bring joy to the hearts of others.
Today is a day that many want to wish away because it reminds them of the memories that are forever lost. Their hearts are heavy laden and full of grief, missing those that cannot be with them on this day.
Where is the joy?
We try to carry on but it will never be the same, no matter how hard we try to make this day a joyous one. Many view this day as a celebration of the birth of Christ. Whatever is your reason for the season, know that life continues and it waits for no one.
I know that we like to make New Year Resolutions but know that a New Year is not promised to anyone.
Let us give ourselves a head start by taking this day as a day of renewal. Promise that today, you are going to smile, anyway. If you are sad, you are going to be happy, anyway. If you are hurting, you are going to be healed, anyway. If you are afraid, you are going to do it, anyway.
At this very moment take life heel, toe, heel, toe instead of one day at a time for we are not promised to make it throughout this day. Make every moment of your life count…we only get one.
Take this attitude into the New Year and become a new you.


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