The decision to become a parent can be both a conscious or non-conscious decision but all the same it is a choice.
When the decision is made to bring a child into this world we have to prepare ourselves for a lifetime commit of responsibility. Being responsible for our children does not mean that we have to take care of them financially for the rest their lives but equipping them with the life skills to be self-sufficient.
The most easiest part of parenting is the making of the child while the most difficult is the rearing of the child. It seems that many of us enjoy making babies but do not want the responsibility of being a parent. Many parents want to escape their sole duties of parenting and shift the responsibilities onto the grandparents, aunts, uncles or any other person that will take on their parental duties.
When we look out into the world and see what a heartless place that it has become and if it was not for those who have chosen to stand in the gap of these children, where would they be? All to often children are being placed in harms way because parents want to be exempt from their parental role. Did these children ask to be here? Did you need to have another child? Who do you think should be responsible for your children?
Growing up, I was taught that learning starts at home. What are you teaching your children? Is it the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that your child learns? Or is it the responsibility of the world to teach your child a lesson of hard knock life?
Many of us as parents need to reevaluate ourselves and be conscious of the things that we are putting into the minds of our children. If you do not have the best attitude, I believe that is wise to try to instill it in your child to have a better attitude. This is something that is dear to my heart, my mother always reiterated to me the importance of having a good attitude. We should always strive to have our children be better not to pass the torch of the generational curse to be same as yourself.
Yes, being a parent can be a frightening thing but it is a dirty job and someone has to do it? Why not you?
Because you shift your parental duties onto someone else does not make you exempt as a parent, they are still your children. How many people never appreciate those that are standing in the gaps and are caring for your children while you live your life any way you chose.
Do you ever think that one day the tables will turn and your child may have to make the same decisions when it comes to you being cared for? Remember the saying, “Once a man, twice a child?”
Mothers and Fathers know that you are non-exempt when you have a child. You have a sole duty and responsibility to care for your children. They are not the responsibility of someone else, you are responsible. If you have someone who love your children as if they are their own appreciate them and teach your children to respect and appreciate them as well. Know that your children do not have to be in good hands.
We hear of horror stories of children falling through the cracks and nothing is done about it.
Do not let this be your children. Stop feeling sorry and making excuses for why you cannot parent. You were giving a job…now do it.


Written by: -L.J. 01/01/2019

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