A Diamond In The Rough

Have you ever received a gift and never knew the value of it?
Friendship is a like a diamond in the rough and we do not know what we have until it is no longer exist. Many times we find out the true definition of a friend when we are faced with adversities. Many of us have people in our lives that we view as valueless because they do not shower us with monetary or material things. This does not define friendship because people can give you all the material things that your heart desire but leave you feeling worthless, like a penny with a hole in it.
We have genuine friends that are placed in our lives but we do not value them because we do not truly know their worth and value because we ourselves feel worthless and less than.
Why do we place more value on the unhealthy things than the healthy things in life? We are all guilty of this, food choices are a perfect example. Yes, it cost more to eat healthy than it does to eat unhealthy; this also stands true for the cost of healthy friendships versus toxic, unhealthy friendships. Remember that everything in life comes at a cost. What are your willing to pay or risk for your choices in those you call friend? We say, time after time that we want to be healthy and we want good healthy relationships. What do your consider as good? What do you consider as healthy?
Are you taking the time to read the nutritional value of the food choices that you are making? Are you reevaluating the people in your life that you have chosen to call friends?
They say that “good things come in small packages” and diamonds usually come in small boxes. Never judge a book by its cover…We are over looking the diamond because it has not been polished so we do not see it as a diamond.
Do you ever wonder why people wear costume jewelry? It was not until this point that I, myself pondered this question.
Diamonds are expensive and if you lose it most likely than none, you will never get it back. A great friendship is exactly, that way. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Friendship is not of double standard; it takes nurturing from all parties in order to grow and blossoms into something beautiful that can never be replaced once it is lost. Friendship is to be valued and handled like the most delicate jewel. Value your friendship the way you value your diamonds, no matter the carat. It is the small things to always be considered…
When you have what you consider as “a thorn in your side friend” who calls you daily just because, appreciate them and the time that they took out of their day to say that you were on their minds. Everyone you call friend is not always thinking of you and when they do reach out it is always about them and what you can do for them.
Remember that all things come to and end and one day you will not receive that call. Pick up the phone, text, talk and often as you can because it will come a time that you would have wished that you had. Stand by those that stand by you. It is not about money or material things, it is about the connection. Never lose the connection because it is truly valuable. Friendship…


Written by: -L.J. 01/01/2019

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