Resolution For The New Year. Change!

Resolution for the New Year. Change!
Put your energy in the rightful perspective.  Many of us have been the sole support, the cheerleaders; go to person when others are in need of support, whether financially, emotionally, mentally or physically.
“It’s time; it’s time to make a change!”
I know that many think that a physical change is all that we need to improve our health and beauty but remember, “You cannot heal in the same place that made you sick.” In order to have optimal health we have to do so by changing the way we think, the people that we associate ourselves with, and our hearts in order to become physically fit.  For many years now we have been pouring water into baskets filled with holes that will never yield us any positive results.
Why, continue on this path of self-destruction? Being an enabler that is only resulting in the further worsening of your health.
Do you recall the saying? “Help those that are trying to help themselves.”
Why have we strayed so far away from the things that we know work? Many of us feel that these ways or old fashioned and out dated but they yielded positive results.
Do you ever think what will happen to those that you are always standing in the gap for? I like to call it playing God.
I believe that many of us do not get sick just because of sin. I believe that God needs to move us out of his way for trying to imitate him.
So, move out of the way and let all that are able stand, stand because I guarantee that they are going to make it if you are not there to over support them.  Each of us has been equipped with the same things.
For example:  A brain, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”
Obtain your optimum health; start by improving yourself and let all others work on improving themselves. Remember that we cannot be more Catholic then the Pope; we cannot love anyone more than we love ourselves.
So, get healthy today. Take back your life and become responsible for yourself. Help others when it is only necessary to do so and help those who truly appreciate what you do but are also working to become self-sufficient.
We are all strong and resilient and we can do more when each of pull our share in weight.  It is time to cut the umbilical cords of those who refuse to get up and start walking the talk.
The animal kingdom is a perfect example; the young has to start walking quickly and they are pushed out of the nest very early on and must know how to fly in order to survive.
Today, we will began to mimic the animal world… teach and release, for it is time.


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