Many of us are having mixed feelings about the government shut down. I must admit that I welcome adversities.  It is during these times of adversities that allows us to slow down and think about where our help truly comes from.

During these times of adversity should force us to evaluate our lives to see the more important things that should be valued. Do you really need a new car? Is this a priority or a want?

Many of us are senseless when it comes to our spending. Do you really need to make that purchase?  Many of us do not ever have a clue what hard times are like. Someone you may disagree and say, “I grew up in poverty.” Do you consider growing up in poverty because you were not provided with your wants?

The latest sneakers, name brand clothing, or a new game… Is it because your parents mismanaged their finances or battled some type of addiction that caused your family to go without? I was always taught that parents are supposed to provide you with the basic needs; food, shelter, and clothing.

Many of us are not financially sound, we are simply living from paycheck to paycheck, but this still does not stop us from wasting what little that we do have. No, I am not saying that you should not enjoy life and want better.

I was taught that you must crawl before you walk. What happened to the short- and long-term goals; saving up for those large purchases and long-term investments? How many of you order out every day? Do the math, how much more money could you save if you did not waste it furiously?

Knowing where your help comes from does not allow you to worry when life shifts and becomes uncomfortable. I always say that whoever you believe to be your creator must wake you up each morning and secondly must allow you to be healthy for you to go to a job.

So, always give thanks and be thankful. Humble yourself and teach humbleness to your families. “Waste not, want not.” I am always thankful for my humble beginnings and have never strayed far away from it. I know that life can always be worst.

Think about those who live in what we consider third or fourth world countries when school, books, food and health is a luxury and we are complaining about life being a little uncomfortable.

I recall someone saying, “We all have had more money than we knew what to do with.” Some of us have received inheritance, insurance monies, lottery winnings, monetary gifts, income tax, etc. How much of it did you save? How much of it did you waste?

When we know better, we do better. Many of us have survived off government assistance; housing, food stamps, and medical. How many people misuse this government assistance? Many of us take so much in life for granted, we seem to believe that things will always be available to us without us having to do our part in insuring that we have resources available to us.

I am only saying this for all of us to stop and think because many of us have been in this situation one time or another and when we look back, we can see if we had only done this or that we would be much better off. Many of us have wasted a lot of our time and money trying to aid our family and friends.

All the resources and assistants that we have poured into them has not given them a stronger stance financially.

Sometimes handouts hinder us but when we know that we must be solely responsible for ourselves and our immediate family you take less for granted. You realize that life is all about the necessity not the wants.

Many of us want things that we do not need nor have a use for. How many of us have clothes, shoes, and handbags that we have not used or worn in years?  But we will not get rid of it, why?

We say that we do not have enough space, but we need a bigger house. For what? To house more things that are just taking up space.

We can have a lot more in life, but the real question is, what you need. We will never stop wanting even when we get what we say we want it is never enough.

Remember that some things in life are out of our control. Make the best out of any situations.

Written by: -L.J. 01/09/2019

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