Sometimes we long to be love that we allow ourselves to be deceived or we ourselves deceive others. I cannot reiterate the importance of self-love and honesty. This is what allows us to be honest and to love genuinely.

Sometimes we are hurt from past relationships or it was just not the person that you were meant to end up with. Some relationships are for a season for learning and teaching. Never beat yourself up over past experiences; you would never have a life story if you never tried to live and experience life.

No one can teach us everything about life; experiences can be similar but never the same because we are individuals. How we handle our life experiences and how we allow life to shape us after our experiences should teach us something whether the experience was good or bad.

Once I learned this concept about myself, I would share it with my friends. Sometimes they would get upset with me for saying, “that we have to look at ourselves and say what am I doing when I keep attracting the same type of man or woman. The only difference is that they look different, but the results are the same.

For example, if you are the type that only attract married men or women. Ask yourself, why is that? Remember that we cannot change anyone else, we can only change ourselves. Some of us go from one abusive relationship to another.

Why? These are questions that we should pose to ourselves. Some of us end up in dead end relationships because we are afraid of being alone. I have found that singleness is not at all a bad thing.

Singleness allows us room to love and get to know ourselves.

What we want… What we are willing to except, how to be faithful when we enter a relationship. Learning to love yourself teaches you how to love others. This stands true, as for forgiving yourself…you learn to forgive others.

“Life is like being behind the wheel of a vehicle, you chose how fast or slowly you accelerate through life.”

Do not rush life or love and never be afraid to say, no. As told to me from an old friend, “Always say no.” You can change a no to a yes, but a yes is a yes.

Written by: -L.J. 01/09/2019

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