Give A Dog A Bone

There are many bone carriers that reside in the workplace. They are eager to rat another employee out as an attempt to become the “Teacher’s Pet.”

In other words, to ensure a higher standing with their superiors. It is a sad sight to see but they seem to believe that what they do is not noticed.

This is all the reason to lose respect for another human being. If I know that my fellow employee may have made a mistake. I am not going to go above their heads. I will go and speak to my co-worker directly.

We all make mistakes. Even those that are eager to carry the bone. I see many mistakes made, if I can fix it, I fix it, or I allow my co-workers the opportunity to correct his or her mistakes.

There is no need to run to the boss. I always say that I would not want to be a supervisor are just as eager to keep the torch lit. The same person running to tell should be the person to be investigated. Those that are keen to tell are often the ones that are not doing the right things.

We are all adults but why does it feel like we are in kindergarten? Many supervisors and managers are just as guilty as charge to witness division among their employees.

Some use this as a source of retaliation; to make their other employees feel out cased.

It does not matter the title; someone is eager to not bury the bone.

Not only is the workplace filled with bone carriers, families have the same issues. You have family members that will come to your home and spill the tea on other family members but notice how they never speak negative about themselves.

When these very same family members leave your house, they run to another family member house and will only repeat what you said or lie about something that you were supposed to have said.

Some members of your family never have anything good to say about anybody else; except them and their children. Let them tell it, everyone else in the family is doing badly or they are wishing bad upon them.

And then you have those family members that engage in the negative talk about everyone else but believe that they are not in agreeance but was just listening to what was being said.

If you do not stand up for those that are not present or excuse yourself from the conversation you are a bone carrier.

Remember to always examine yourself because we can all benefit from a makeover. No one is perfect and mistakes are bound to happen but let us not continue to be insensitive to others and their mistakes.

If you are thinking about carrying a bone; bury it first so that it puts an end to the viscous cycle of negativity.

Written by: -L.J. 01/14/2019

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