Heart Problems

Who’s responsible for the hardening of your heart?

Many of us have allowed bitterness to block the valves to our hearts. This valve blockage is not allowing the proper flow of blood to reach our brains which has frizzled our thinking.

Some of us seem to believe that we are the only ones affected by the hurdles of life. We think that no one understands or has endured similar things in life.

Many of us are affected by heart worms and if we do not rid our hearts of the worms we are surely going to die. You will leave this world with a heart filled with bitterness, hurt, anger; everything minus love and kindness.

Some of us have atherosclerosis which is a condition caused by plaque that forms along the walls of the arteries. Many of us are plaque by hate, resentment, and unforgiveness that we have allowed to block the flow of love to enter our hearts.

We do not feel good ourselves…

We do not love ourselves…

We are desensitized to the needs and feelings of others. We hurt others without a care or a belief that we are hurting someone else. We use our own hurt as a defense mechanism hoping that others will see that we are hurting.

We refuse treatment that can help fix our heart problems; we refuse take the medicine. We keep holding on to the pain. We are selfish, self-centered; everything is about us. We do not believe that we are the reason why our heart condition is not improving; we are not following the doctor’s orders.

Seek the treatment that is needed to fix your heart issues.

Do not allow your heart problems to become irreversible. Do not go into cardiac arrest or develop congestive heart failure because you want let go of past hurt and pain.

Many of us are holding on to things from our childhood.

No one is the remote control to your life. Only you have the power to change the channel or to turn off the set. We all have the power to release and let go.

Some of us will not beg another one’s pardon, even if they asked for it. Some of us have a heart that is so cold that even a blood transfusion of warm blood could not melt it to allow our hearts to pump it.

Get your examination today; put it off no longer if you want to live a vibrant and healthy life. Release, let go, and love.

Written by: -L.J. 01/14/2019

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