That’s LOVE

What is love? Many of us do not truly understand what love is. We are always telling our friends and those that we say we love, “ I love you.”
I believe that love is more of an action than a verbal exchange. “Actions speaks louder than words..” I would rather be respected and appreciated than to be told, “I love you.”
The word love to me is used to loosely and way to frequently. It is as if love has been devalued. One thing for sure, love is kind and it does not hurt. When we love we are always trying to finds ways to show others that we love them by being respectful, supportive, and loyal. Many of us say we love another and what we are often times infiltrating is a sputum of hate.
Do you know that you cannot honestly love anyone else until you know how to love yourself?
Loving yourself entails; respecting yourself, being kind to yourself and truly being honest with yourself and continuously trying to transform yourself into the highest you that you can be.
Love to me is like looking into a mirror, what you see and feel about yourself is what you emanate to those that you say you love. Love is not harsh! Many of us are truly unkind and we never want to get to the root cause of our hurt and pain. We are still playing the blame game and making others feel guilty for not being able to fix what they did not break. I am not responsible for your brokenness. I cannot love you if you will not be receptive and allow me to love you.
Love is like having someone reach for your hand and you extend your hand toward their hand to embrace. That’s love!
Meeting each other half way…I am talking about a 50/50 love. Love is balanced; my strengths compensate for your weaknesses and your strengths compensate for my weaknesses. Love is like having a paralyses and you use a cane as a support to help balance you when you stand or walk. That’ love! Love is not overcompensating with money, gifts, and never being able to say, no.  It is not for us to try to live each other’s lives; love is being the right amount of balance for one to step in to keep you from drowning.
We get upset with others if they tell us “no” and try to us this as leverage as a way to measure whether or not they love us. This is wrong…love is not measured. When you love, you do it unconditionally, knowing that we all have our own idiosyncrasies.
Place yourself directly in front of a mirror and say, (your name) “I Love You!”
Do this as often as needed until you allow yourself to believe that you love you. Know that we were designed to be imperfect and this is no excuse for us not to love or to be loved. That’s Love!
Written by: -L.J. 01/01/2019

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