Bright Lights or Dimmers

Bright Lights or Dimmers

Many of times when we look in the mirror, we are not looking at our true selves; we are thinking that we are either to big or to small; we simply do not like who we see in the mirror. It is not until we are alone with our thoughts in our inner personal space where we truly examine ourselves.

We truly see who we are. Who we are is not an outward appearance because a wolf can disguise himself in sheep’s clothing!

Our inward appearance is what highlights, our outward appearance. Who are you?

Have you ever seen people step out of their homes dressed to the nine but whenever you have entered the inside of their homes you would say, is this the same person?

Our insides should match our outer appearance but often this is not the case because we are impersonating someone else. We all have issues but some of us have more extreme issues then others.

Some of us are willing to see the inside of us and try to do some self-reflection and improvement of ourselves. Some of us know deep down inside who we are but refuse to change the things that we keep our lights from shining brighter. Some of us are just rotten to the core but insanity, ego, self-righteousness, and vanity keeps our lights dim and people are afraid to have a relationship with us.

You are dangerous and some of you know it and believe that you like who you are, but you truly do not. The proof is in the pudding, you are lonely and starving for attention. Your mind is saying one thing, but your actions is saying it all.

*** I am afraid* I am lonely * I want to be loved * I don’t know how *I am hurting***

But you keep trying to convince yourself that you could do without all of this but why be overly concerned when no one wants to be in your company.

Are you the elephant in the room?

Do you change the mood of the environment within a group setting? Are you in denial? Do you need to work on yourself? As one of my good friends would say, “I know when I get on my own nerves.”

When you can recognize your own idiosyncrasies and how it makes you feel, imagine what it would do to someone else? Don’t dish it if you cannot take it.

We will all meet our match and it is no fun to be challenged unnecessarily. Healthy challenging allows us to grow in compassion, wisdom, and understanding but foolery at its finest is a headache.

Are you a Bright light or are you a dimmer?


Written by: -L.J. 02/07/2019

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