It’s Me or the Grave

It’s Me or the Grave

We are being slaughtered everyday by the very people that confess to loving and caring for us. Everyday that we remain in unhealthy relationships (marriages, friendships, Kinship), we are sub-coming to sickness or and early death.

Until each of us learn to love ourselves, we cannot love anyone else. What most of us do not understand is that love is not about you all the time. Many of us proclaim to love vocally only, no action or substance to prove your love for another.

It is very disheartening when someone say that they love you but you cannot feel it.

When you are pulling all the weight and they just stand on the side line watching but never offering to help you carry the load. Many will use the excuse, “you did not ask for my help?”

Do you really need to be asked?

What happened to just roll up your sleeves and jumping in to assist where it is needed?

You can turn yourself into a doormat and those that say that they love you will wipe their feet on you and keep stepping on you day after day. Things will continue this way until you learn that loving yourself is important. It is important to your health, mind, body, spirit, and well-being. You need to love you in order to sustain. When you are dealing with others that you love and they don’t know what love is, you must set boundaries.

I always say, if I am 10 on your list then you are 10 on my list. Why should I make you #1 and I am only #10 on your list? I know that it is easy to say that we should not have any expectations of others, but I beg the differ. Sometimes we need someone or others to be there for us. Sometimes emergencies arise and we need those very ones to show up and show out, unfortunately, those are the very ones that deflate our spirits every time.

Sometimes people find out about love only in death. This is the inevitable; they no longer have a crutch; the person that they thought that they could always count on, no matter what. If it is not death then you may find the will to walk away because you have become fed-up and have had enough. Now, you are told that you have changed, became cold-hearted and bitter or you just do not care.

No one ever expect someone to stop caring; you are supposed to continue to love, care, give and love unconditionally. You are supposed to wait for others to mature or allow them time after time to get it right. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust…when will that be?

Sickness or death for whom?

Set boundaries with everyone, especially with those that say they care but are never available when you need them. Saying no and letting go is never easy but is it worth your health? Is it worth your life?

If others are not there for you when you are strong and healthy, where will they be when you are sick?

Many of them will be the common denominator in the failing of your health. There isn’t anything anyone can do for you after death. Life is for the living…enjoy life and live it to the fullest. Surround yourself with those that are there for you and show up and show out, to show you that not only do they care but to remind you that you matter.


Written by -L.J. on 02/07/2019


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