The Timer Has Stopped

The Timer Has Stopped

Time has run out for excuses… Many of us have more reasons why we cannot do something. We cannot do anything because we have never attempted or tried to do anything. We are so defeated by our excuses as to why we cannot do?

How many obstacles have you placed in your life today, just simply by stating that I will do it tomorrow?

Do you know how many people never live to see another day?

Do you know that putting off what can be done today for tomorrow is not promised to any of us?

Expiration is not based on age, race, color or creed; we all have an expiration date.

Do you ever ask yourself, why am I always making excuses?  Is it due to fear? Are you afraid that you will fail?

Don’t you know that many great discoveries and successes in life were due to failed attempts. We will never know what we can do until we try. Some of us will put a barrier up and just say, “I am not ready.” Saying that you are not ready and not attempting is just another excuse.

Time will run out if we keep putting things off. We can only put off things for so long and time will run out and if you are around to reflect you will say, “I should have, I could have, I would have, but you did not. Remember that almost doesn’t count. Either you did or did not do it. Let’s stop wasting time by filling it up with more reasons why not then I can. Think of the Little Engine that could…when he tried; he knew that he could. Nothing can ever happen if we never try.

Stop! At this very moment write down at least ten things that are a priority that you continue to put off. Reflect over that list for a moment, is there anything off that list that can be done at this very moment? Is there anything on your list that will not take longer than 10 minutes to do?

No more excuses start tackling your list today. Prioritize your life…if you must create a schedule for yourself, do so. At some point we are going to have to just do it. And remember the longer that we put off doing things the more we will have to do when we finally tackle it.

For instance, if you have only one load of laundry today and you continue to put it off for a month, how many loads of laundry will you have to do at this time. Wouldn’t it have been much easier to do a load a week or to not go past the two-week mark. Not only do you have to wash and fold the clothes you must put them away. This is only one area in our lives that we must prioritize but imagine if we simplified as many areas in our lives as possible, how easier our lives would be and the time we would have on our hands just for ourselves?

It is not about how we feel this is the easiest way for us to make an excuse. We must mustard up the strength to do the things that need to be done in a timely manner. Remember that excuses put us farther away from fulfilling our commitments, goals and dreams.  No more excuses …the timer has stopped.


Written by: -L.J. 02/23/2019

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