Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the most self-centered of them all?

If it is I, let me stand in my truth; let me admit that it is me and not say that it is you.

It is quite interesting as to how many of us are afraid to be totally honest with ourselves, about ourselves and/or insulted when some one tells us the truth. When some one tells us the truth, not a lie but facts that can be supported and proven, many of us react in a negative manner. Remember, the truth hurts. To know the truth is not a pretty thing because we are not perfect, and we are all guilty of some wrongdoing but many of us like to believe that we are innocent until proven guilty. Many of us know that deep down inside our gut is screaming that we are in the wrong, but we would rather go through life without ever admitting our wrong or apologizing to another for our shortcomings. We allow ourselves to be blindsided by pride, so we never do what is right; look inside of ourselves and see our true selves.

One of the things that many of us can admit to is that we are not always the best at reciprocating. Meaning, many of us have people that are truly in our corner. No matter the circumstance they are there; for emotional support, financial support; you name it, only sickness or death could keep them from being available. Each and everyone of us can count on at least two fingers of the very people that have never forsaken us but can the same be true from our viewpoint?

To answer the question, the answer is no, because we never truly see the value of the people that are always there for us. Many of us are chasing behind people that can care less about us because we are becoming of society of marginalized people. When we do not value our worth or know the value of our worth, we allow others to treat us less than, knowing that we deserve more.

I have had some people to state that they do not do the things that they know that they should do for the most important people in their lives is because they have done so much for others that never appreciated them or simply took advantage of them. As we all know that this a dog eats dog world, but it is love and compassion for one another that keeps this world efficacious. If we allow one bad apple to spoil the bunch then we all will become bad and spoil. I believe that we must allow a person the opportunity to prove us wrong; if not then we are all guilty of being biases, which will cause us to miss out on great connections with other human beings.

Remember that life is all about love and the connection with others; at the end of the day we have fond memories of those we loved and those that loved us. Doesn’t it feel great to be loved? Love is a beautiful thing…it is the real beauty that emits from our hearts, mind, body, and soul. Love is what reels others in…

For us to have a genuine true connection, we must start with self- evaluation. Do not be afraid of your truth and when someone tells you the truth about yourself, take a step back and revisit what was stated before reacting or becoming defensive. Get alone with yourself in your personal space where you can be real with yourself then ask yourself the hard questions and do not be afraid of the hurtful answers.

The truth will set us free… The truth allows us to grow and mature as a person and it allows us to expand and become better. We gain a conscious. We become aware, honest, and gain integrity.

The truth allows us the ability to be self-fulfilled, we do not have to lie, pretend, or be prideful. Nor, do we have to lose a great connection with others because we do not want to own up to our truth. Stand in your truth, do not get buried in your lie. Looking within and being truthful with ourselves is the same as standing in front of a mirror and truly seeing who you are as a person and loving that person in the mirror.


Written By: -L.J. on 05/18/2019

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