Gate Keepers

Gate Keepers
Many of us have applied for positions or are in positions that we feel that there is either no way in or no way out; no advancement, no transfer; only to keep looking outward. Many of us have applied for internal transfers within the companies that we work for only to find that the only way out is to leave the company completely or by accepting a lateral transfer if you are not blocked by a Gate Keeper.
It is quite astonishing how you can be negatively labeled but the Gate Keepers will not allow you the opportunity to transfer internally.  We have become a society of weaklings …We are ruled by emotions…we don’t like someone due to  personal feelings but we would hinder that person from advancement because we know that they would flourish and excel if only the Gatekeeper’s would stop trying to keep them from entering or exiting.
When you possess leadership qualities, confidence, and intelligence; you become a walking billboard…” I AM A TERROIST.” If any of you watch the news you know exactly how so-called terrorist are treated.
The Gate keepers are continuously trying to find ways to sabotage employees or co-workers who are not afraid to stand up for themselves.
Gate Keepers can also, be those persons who are always stating that they hate their jobs, but they never seized the opportunity to go else where but are always telling the newcomers that they should not stay with the company.
The Gate Keepers never have anything good to say about the company…Why are you still here? You must be very careful when dealing with Gatekeepers because they are very cunning, they try to gain your confidence and trust, they are like a double edge sword. They are cutting you at every turn.
My old colleague is currently facing some encounters with a prior sexual harasser that has become bitter due to her fail attempts of sexual advancement. Since she has not formulated the right potion to bed my old colleague, she has reached into her cauldron to find more tactics to sabotage him.
If you recall from the article, “The Rooster in the Hen House,” You recall all of her double minded tactics. In one breathe she was trying to coerce him into going out with her then she was stating that he was gay because he would not bed her.  The saga continues…
She has reached the end of her rope where she has simply hung herself.  She will be transferring to another location but in the meantime, she is hiding work from him, so that it looks as if he is not doing his job. She has become his time clock; watching his every move and reporting his comings and goings. She has enlisted some other colleagues to get in on her plan to hold out on the work that should be dispense to my old colleague in order to retaliate against him for nothing taking her up on her prior offers.
Gatekeepers can pose a great disadvantage to your career and the sad thing about them is that they seek you out.
You do all that you can to stay off their radar but there is no safe haven unless you get out. Remember, Gate Keepers are very cunning, and they appear very upstanding and trustworthy, so they are most likely to be believed over you. They do things very subtlety and try their best to catch you off guard or try to get you to react so that you appear to be the problem.
Gate keepers go to many extremes to make your work life a living hell. Unfortunately, there is no getting around a Gate Keeper, especially if you are the person that they want to keep… their eye on…from advancing…in the same position…


Written By: -L.J. on 05/18/2019

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