The Inevitable

The Inevitable
I know that there are many that say that they do not believe in the Creator, but I beg the differ. Like my Pastor often says, “Can’t I prove it.”
The process of life is that we are born and then we will die, although some of us enter this world dead on arrival. Some of us die young and some of us die at a ripe old age but our fates are the same, death. There is no way of getting around it; although man is working extremely hard at finding a way to cheat death. The same stands true in the process of aging; if you live long enough you are going to age. Many people are going under the knife to beat getting old at its own game but are losing every time.
Many years ago, I worked with several people that I knew personally that had plastic surgery; a face lift, sex change operation, or just to lift a drooping eye. And what I had found is that the first surgery would not be their last surgery. The skin that many have lifted becomes loose again, so another surgery is needed to correct the process of aging.
If we were in control of our own destiny, why can’t we stay young? Why do we have to die, when many of us do not want to die? Why can’t we bring our love ones or even ourselves back to life? We seem to believe that we are mighty and strong but are limited?
Why is this so?
I hate to beat a dead horse to death, but we cannot do anything unless our creator wakes us up each day. If you cannot raise yourself or your love one from the dead, then you cannot wake yourself up each day. Some people die in their sleep, does this mean that they had no desire to wake up? Were they ready for an eternal rest?
Many of us plan out our days because we have the desire to wake up and smell the roses the following days, weeks, or years to come. Just because it is desired does not mean it will happen…
As much as we try to armor up against aging and dying, guess what? There is nothing that we can do to stop the process of life.
All we can do is live each day as if it was our last, keep loving each other for the torch of love will forever burn in the hearts of those who has allowed us to love them. Let go and let God…All is in His will…the Creator. He is known by many names…He gives life and he take it away. Life is for the living…so live on until death do us part.


Written By: -L.J. on 05/01/2019

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