Mother’s Day Event Pictures!

This is my second year having a small intimate Mother’s Day gathering with friends and family. I first came of with the idea to have a Mother’s Day gathering the year after my mother passed away.

It was to be a dinner that represented my friends and family that loss our mom’s but I could not have the initial dinner in 2017 due to the fact that I had loss several girl friends that I had wanted to invite to my 1st Mother’s Day Dinner.

Finally 2018 rolled around and I thought okay, I am going to do this on a small scale because I hadn’t did any social gatherings in a very long time. 2018 Mother’s Day Dinner was such a success and we all agreed that we must get together more.

Therefore, I elected to host a Mother’s Day Dinner once again. Each time I have to challenge myself and the ladies also anticipate to see what fresh ideas that I will come up with. The 2019 Mother’s Day Event was very successful and I have high hopes that we will continue this tradition on for years to come.

Hopefully, I can extend the invitation to a few more friends but I will just have to wait and see but for now enjoy the pictures.


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