Get Off My Back

Micromanagement does not work; research has proved this.

For those supervisors and managers that are always walking around checking to see what their employees are doing, finding small minuet things to concern themselves with. I believe that they have too much time on their hands.

They should roll up their sleeves and jump in to assist with the workload. Some superiors seem to have more concerns with the employees that stay to themselves and can multitask but meet their productivity goals.

I know that many companies prefer their employees to not be on their cellphones during work hours, but some employees work better if they are able to multitask. What needs to be considered is that employees are not going to produce no more than they desire.

You must remember that you have doers and those who are not going to do. It does not matter if there is an incentive or not.

Why is it that we envisioned the workplace much different than the world? The workplace is filled with people from all walks of life, they are just confined to a much smaller space.

Some superiors like to speak loudly so that they can be heard throughout out the office when they approach you at your desk about a work-related issue.

Is this an ego thing or is this a childhood issue resurfacing?

Some employees are not at all interested in being friends are rubbing elbows with their superiors and this should be respected; nor taken as an insult nor as disrespect. Those employees that work very hard at making their bosses feel important are often pretending so that they stay off the radar.

Many employees believe that they must treat their superiors a certain way in order to protect their jobs.

We are not children; we do have the right to choose. We come to work for one common cause; to produce revenue for the company. We do not come to work to make friends, we can be cordial.

I do not believe in participating in work events that I do deem necessary.

If you treat me as if I do not deserve your respect, why would I participate in an employee appreciation, recognition, or any type of team building exercise or experience?

Especially, when you know that it is not sincere, and you are not valued and respected as an employee.

Many times, superiors will retaliate against their employees if they believe that they gave a bad evaluation or have made complaints about their leadership style. Not everyone makes a great boss and not all employees are the model employee. Lead by example.

Not all employees stand for nothing and fall for anything. Not all employees are comfortable with pretending; in layman’s term…play the game.

It is okay to not be liked by my superiors; be it I do not conform or adhere to what you think I should be by not participating in anything that is not mandatory. This should be respected; just allow me what should be allowed to all employees.

Don’t try to retaliate against me, place false information in my employee file, or make other employees afraid to interact with me because you have made things personal.

Get to know your employees and you will come to understand who they are.

Many people behave the same in their work lives as they do in their personal lives. That’s if they are not pretending but even so there are things about their personality and character that will give you a true evaluation of who they are.

You cannot treat someone with disrespect and expect them to treat you with the upmost respect. Respect is mutual. “Do unto others as you will have them to do unto you.”

Written by: -L.J. 01/15/2019

Heart Problems

Who’s responsible for the hardening of your heart?

Many of us have allowed bitterness to block the valves to our hearts. This valve blockage is not allowing the proper flow of blood to reach our brains which has frizzled our thinking.

Some of us seem to believe that we are the only ones affected by the hurdles of life. We think that no one understands or has endured similar things in life.

Many of us are affected by heart worms and if we do not rid our hearts of the worms we are surely going to die. You will leave this world with a heart filled with bitterness, hurt, anger; everything minus love and kindness.

Some of us have atherosclerosis which is a condition caused by plaque that forms along the walls of the arteries. Many of us are plaque by hate, resentment, and unforgiveness that we have allowed to block the flow of love to enter our hearts.

We do not feel good ourselves…

We do not love ourselves…

We are desensitized to the needs and feelings of others. We hurt others without a care or a belief that we are hurting someone else. We use our own hurt as a defense mechanism hoping that others will see that we are hurting.

We refuse treatment that can help fix our heart problems; we refuse take the medicine. We keep holding on to the pain. We are selfish, self-centered; everything is about us. We do not believe that we are the reason why our heart condition is not improving; we are not following the doctor’s orders.

Seek the treatment that is needed to fix your heart issues.

Do not allow your heart problems to become irreversible. Do not go into cardiac arrest or develop congestive heart failure because you want let go of past hurt and pain.

Many of us are holding on to things from our childhood.

No one is the remote control to your life. Only you have the power to change the channel or to turn off the set. We all have the power to release and let go.

Some of us will not beg another one’s pardon, even if they asked for it. Some of us have a heart that is so cold that even a blood transfusion of warm blood could not melt it to allow our hearts to pump it.

Get your examination today; put it off no longer if you want to live a vibrant and healthy life. Release, let go, and love.

Written by: -L.J. 01/14/2019

Give A Dog A Bone

There are many bone carriers that reside in the workplace. They are eager to rat another employee out as an attempt to become the “Teacher’s Pet.”

In other words, to ensure a higher standing with their superiors. It is a sad sight to see but they seem to believe that what they do is not noticed.

This is all the reason to lose respect for another human being. If I know that my fellow employee may have made a mistake. I am not going to go above their heads. I will go and speak to my co-worker directly.

We all make mistakes. Even those that are eager to carry the bone. I see many mistakes made, if I can fix it, I fix it, or I allow my co-workers the opportunity to correct his or her mistakes.

There is no need to run to the boss. I always say that I would not want to be a supervisor are just as eager to keep the torch lit. The same person running to tell should be the person to be investigated. Those that are keen to tell are often the ones that are not doing the right things.

We are all adults but why does it feel like we are in kindergarten? Many supervisors and managers are just as guilty as charge to witness division among their employees.

Some use this as a source of retaliation; to make their other employees feel out cased.

It does not matter the title; someone is eager to not bury the bone.

Not only is the workplace filled with bone carriers, families have the same issues. You have family members that will come to your home and spill the tea on other family members but notice how they never speak negative about themselves.

When these very same family members leave your house, they run to another family member house and will only repeat what you said or lie about something that you were supposed to have said.

Some members of your family never have anything good to say about anybody else; except them and their children. Let them tell it, everyone else in the family is doing badly or they are wishing bad upon them.

And then you have those family members that engage in the negative talk about everyone else but believe that they are not in agreeance but was just listening to what was being said.

If you do not stand up for those that are not present or excuse yourself from the conversation you are a bone carrier.

Remember to always examine yourself because we can all benefit from a makeover. No one is perfect and mistakes are bound to happen but let us not continue to be insensitive to others and their mistakes.

If you are thinking about carrying a bone; bury it first so that it puts an end to the viscous cycle of negativity.

Written by: -L.J. 01/14/2019

Reset Your Clock

Fear is one of the greatest reasons why we stay stuck in time. We are frozen in time due to fear. It is never too late to start over, but we must first start.

Many of us often dream about returning to school, changing careers, or simply traveling to a destination that we have always dreamt of going.

Whatever it is that you have in your mind to do, just do it. We all know that tomorrow is not promised and there is never a right time than now. The longer we put off doing something that we long to do, it is more likely than none that we will ever do it.

Whenever the opportunity opens for me to travel to a place where I have never gone, I jump right on it. I am enthusiastic with the idea of experiencing something new. Life is but a mere moment and the opportunity must be seized when it knocks.

The way we think can be compared to a clock; sometimes it must be reset as well.

Many of us are immature and closed minded in the way that we think. Many of us are basing our views toward others and the world based on the thoughts of someone else.

Learn to think for yourself. A running joke that I have with a friend of mine, “Don’t you know how to Google.” We need to broaden our horizon and research information for ourselves.

Read it for yourself and then give your own thoughts and opinions. We need to know the source that is feeding us information.

Remember the saying, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” There are many ways to do things in life that can yield the same or similar results. Don’t always doubt yourself because the truth about yourself and your life resides within you.

Many people like to try to tell others what is good for them, but do they really know where your shoe pinches?

Reset your clock today…Ready, Set, Go! Don’t continue to put off today for tomorrow.

Live in the moment, the here and the now.

Do what you love and love what you do. Always surround yourself with people that try to encourage you to live.

Enjoy yourself and enjoy your life.

Smile and laugh as often as possible, for there are many reasons in life to make you want to cry. If you do cry, let it be tears of joy because you have reset your clock to do what you love.

Remember…Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve.

Written by: -L.J. 01/14/2019